Getting an ADHD diagnosis and treatment does not need to be hard or expensive.Book your online ADHD assessment with a licensed Nurse Practitioner for children and adults and get a diagnosis and treatment plan in days, not months.Beyond ADHD uses an evidence-based multimodal approach to treatment, including medication and personalized academic and workplace accommodations.Get started on your ADHD journey in 3 easy steps.Step 1 $279.00
Comprehensive First Appointment
A Nurse Practitioner will complete a detailed medical history and assess for ADHD and other medical and mental health conditions.
If ADHD is suspected, additional questionnaires will be sent to the patient, their partner, teachers, parents and siblings.Step 2 $79.00
ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment
Book with the same Nurse Practitioner, who will review the questionnaires and provide a diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.
Step 3 $79.00/session
Follow-up Care
Follow up with your Nurse Practitioner to monitor and adjust your medication.
Beyond ADHD can also complete ADHD Disability Tax Credit applications and Student Disability Verification forms for our patients.Please read our FAQs before booking.

Available in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and SaskatchewanCanada wide 2024


MISSIONOur mission is to provide accessible, affordable, and compassionate online ADHD assessment, diagnosis and treatment to children and adults.Beyond ADHD has helped >8000 patients understand and manage their symptoms, improve their quality of life and achieve their goals.ADHD NURSE PRACTITIONERSAt Beyond ADHD, our specialized ADHD Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are highly trained healthcare professionals with advanced academic credentials and clinical experience that qualify them to assess, diagnose and treat ADHD.Beyond ADHD's clinical team uses an evidence-based multimodal approach to ADHD, including medication.Our team also recognizes that 25-40% of adults and children with ADHD experience anxiety and depression. Your practitioner can provide you with guidance on the best next steps to manage your anxiety and/or depression.Beyond ADHD helps educate family, friends, and workplaces about ADHD and can assist schools and workplaces with accommodations to help our patients perform at their best.Beyond ADHD is reimagining ADHD access, assessment, treatment, education and advocacy.Meet the Beyond ADHD team and review their profiles on our booking page.


ADDvocacyBeyond ADHD is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to ADHD care. We're delighted to partner with ADDvocacy a team of Executive Function Coaches who bring a unique perspective to coaching neurodiverse individuals.What sets ADDvocacy apart?• Experience with Neurodiversity: Founded by Keith Gelhorn in 2012, ADDvocacy's coaches are themselves neurodivergent. They intimately understand the challenges and advantages of conditions like ADHD, ASD, Learning Disabilities, and other co-occurring mental health challenges.•Specialized Student Coaching: Catering to students from Grade 11 through Ph.D. levels, their Academic Learning Strategist has crafted a program that not only builds foundational skills but also offers personalized support tailored to each student's unique learning needs.•Coaching for Adults: Whether you're unemployed, in a professional role, in trades, or self-employed, ADDvocacy's coaches are equipped to help adults achieve their personal and professional aspirations.•Support for Parents: ADDvocacy extends its expertise to parents of neurodivergent children, offering emotional support, guidance in accessing resources, and practical strategies to ensure success both at home and school.With this collaboration, Beyond ADHD patients can access specialized coaching services, ensuring they receive the support and strategies they need for success in all facets of life.


COUNSELLINGBeyond ADHD is committed to offering comprehensive care for our patients. We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with True North Psychological Services, and Nuvista Mental Health to provide therapeutic support for those with ADHD and other prevalent mental health conditions.True North and Nuvista’s expertise covers a range of conditions, including:• ADHD
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Emotional Dysregulation Disorder
• Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Founded by Dr. Mark Johnston in 2013, True North and Nuvista have a proven track record in delivering holistic mental health solutions. Their approach, rooted in understanding the complex interplay of various mental health factors, aligns perfectly with our mission.With this partnership, Beyond ADHD patients can benefit from specialized counselling services, ensuring a well-rounded approach to their mental health journey.Click LEARN MORE below to access their services in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia

ADHD Counselling


STUDENTGIZORTake cotrol of your ADHD with Studentgizor📚 Tailored for University Students: Struggling to manage time, especially in your freshman year? Studentgizor has you covered! Specifically designed for those with ADHD, but beneficial for all.🎨 Unique Color-Coding System:
•Organize subjects with colours.
•Get notifications based on urgency with distinct colours.
•Track your academic progress with a colour-indexed grade calculator.
🖋️ Personalize Your Experience:
•Add your university details.
•Upload a profile picture.
•Mention your specific program and academic year.
📈 Stay Ahead & Celebrate Success:
With timely reminders and cues, never miss a deadline. Watch your progress and relish in the results of your dedication.
🤳 Click LEARN MORE below and dive into a structured academic journey with Studentgizor and see the change in your study habits and outcomes. 🌟



HERGETT COUNSELLINGWe're proud to announce our collaboration with Hergett Counselling, spearheaded by Sarah, a dedicated Counselling Therapist focused on the unique challenges faced by women with ADHD. This partnership allows us to expand our care to address:ADHD 🧠
Anxiety 😰
Depression 😞
Sleep Disorders, including insomnia 🌙
Hormonal Fluctuations Impacting ADHD 🔄
Emotional and Self-Esteem Issues 💔
Executive Functioning Deficits 📝
Sarah is also an expert in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) and offers a proven, medication-free treatment for sleep disturbances, a common issue among individuals with ADHD.By integrating Sarah's specialized services, we're enhancing our commitment to providing comprehensive and empathetic care to women with ADHD, focusing on areas like hormonal fluctuations, emotional well-being, and executive functioning deficits. 💪Click LEARN MORE below for further details on Hergett Counselling Services.

ADHD Women Insomnia


Collaboration with Nova Scotia Health Eating Disorder Research ProgramOverview:
Beyond ADHD is proud to announce a research collaboration with the Nova Scotia Health Eating Disorder Research Program aiming to deepen our understanding of ADHD and its potential intersections with eating disorders.
Research Objective:
The primary research objective is to investigate the correlation between youth who have commenced on stimulant medication for ADHD and the subsequent changes in their experience of loss of control eating. Recognizing and addressing the possible links between ADHD and eating disorders can provide invaluable insights for treatment and support.
This collaboration has the potential to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals struggling with ADHD and related eating disorders in our region. By bridging the knowledge between ADHD and eating disorders, we aim to offer more comprehensive care solutions for affected individuals.
Get Involved:
Are you a researcher, medical professional, or someone with a keen interest in ADHD and eating disorders? Contact us to learn more about how you can contribute to this research.



What is the Canada Disability Tax Credit (DTC)?ADHD can make life challenging. Canada's government understands this and offers help through the Disability Tax Credit (DTC). This guide explains how children and adults with ADHD can apply for the tax credit.The DTC is a tax credit that lowers income tax for people with disabilities or their families. In addition, it provides financial support to Canadians with ADHD.How to Qualify?
To qualify for the DTC, you must:
1. Have ADHD, which affects your life for 12 months or more.
2. Face "marked restriction" in one or more daily activities, which means the impairment affects you 90% of the time and takes 2-3 times longer than average to complete tasks.
These activities include:
• Concentrating: Severe difficulties focusing on schoolwork, managing finances, or maintaining employment.
• Communicating: Challenges with verbal communication due to impulsivity, causing constant interruptions or an inability to express thoughts and ideas effectively.
• Dressing: Struggling with sequencing (putting clothes on in the correct order) or managing fasteners (buttons, zippers, etc.).
• Eating: Difficulties planning, preparing, or consuming meals, including challenges in grocery shopping, cooking, or remembering to eat due to distraction or hyperfocus on other tasks.
• Time management: Significant difficulties leading to missed appointments, deadlines, and overall disorganization in daily life.
Your Beyond ADHD Nurse Practitioner can confirm your ADHD and how it affects your life.Being eligible for the DTC can open the door to other federal, provincial, or territorial programs such:
1. Registered Disability Savings Plan
2. Canada Workers Benefit
3. Child Disability Benefit
The DTC is a valuable financial resource for children and adults with ADHD, helping to offset the expenses associated with managing the condition. Knowing the eligibility criteria and application process is essential for successfully accessing the DTC.Beyond ADHD only completes Disability Tax Credit Applications for our own patients>> CRA DTC Information

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Child and Youth ADHD Assessment

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1. Is Beyond ADHD available across Canada?
Beyond ADHD is only available to patients physically located in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan.
Canada Wide 20242. How many ADHD assessments have you completed?
Beyond ADHD has helped >8000 patients understand and manage their symptoms, improve their quality of life and achieve their goals.
3. I only need my ADHD medication refilled. Can Beyond ADHD help me?
We cannot refill existing ADHD medications if you still have a provider. However, for patients who have lost their provider, we can help.
4. Do I still need to book a "Comprehensive First Appointment" if I already have an ADHD Assessment and/or am taking medications for ADHD?
Yes, all NEW patients to Beyond ADHD must book a Comprehensive First Appointment to allow your Nurse Practioner to learn about you and your ADHD and develop a personalized treatment plan.
5. How many appointments do I need before I can get a diagnosis and start treatment?
Each ADHD patient's assessment and treatment journey is unique.
Most patients require at least two appointments for a diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan.6. Do you provide a report that I can have or share with my family doctor or nurse practitioners?Beyond ADHD can provide you and/or your family doctor or nurse practitioner with a confirmation of diagnosis and summary of treatment plan letter on request at no additional cost.7. How often do I need to follow up?
Beyond ADHD offers a personalized treatment program, including follow-ups.
After a new diagnosis, a change in medication or dosage or uncontrolled symptoms, most patients will need a follow-up within 30 days, then monthly until symptoms are significantly improved, and every 3 months once stabilized.8. What is the maximum length of a prescription?
After a new diagnosis, a change in medication or dosage, or uncontrolled symptoms, the maximum duration of a prescription is 30 days.
Once symptoms have significantly improved, the maximum duration of a prescription is 90 days.9, When will my prescription be sent to the pharmacy?
New prescriptions may take up to 48 hours to be sent to you pharmacy. Refill prescriptions can take up to 24 hours.
You will recieve a notification after the prescription has been sent.10. I already have a doctor. Can I still use Beyond ADHD to get an assessment and treatment?
You can access Beyond ADHD to get an assessment, diagnosis and treatment for your ADHD.
We can update your doctor about your assessment, treatment, and progress with your permission.11. How can a teacher or coach find and submit their ADHD Questionnaire?
The teacher or coach can click on this LINK to securely complete and submit their assessment to Beyond ADHD
12. Do you treat anxiety and/or depression?
Yes, we do.
ADHD often mimics anxiety and vice versa, and some patients experience both.13. Do I have to pay? Does Ontario OHIP, New Brunswick Medicare or Nova Scotia MSI cover the fee?
Beyond's ADHD Nurse Practitioner Clinic is not insured by Ontario OHIP, New Brunswick Medicare or Nova Scotia MSI and can be accessed for a FEE.
14. How much does it cost?
Assessment and Treatment
$279.00 First Appointment
$79.00 Follow-Up Appointments
$249+HST Disability Tax Credit Applications
$75.00+HST Student Disability Verification Forms
$75.00+HST Other forms
15. Are Beyond ADHD Nurse Practitioners covered by insurance?
Please inquire with your plan administrator as some health spending accounts reimburse care by Nurse Practitioners.
You will receive a detailed receipt from Beyond ADHD.16. Do you provide accommodation letters for the workplace or school?
Yes, we can provide you with personalized accommodations for your workplace or school.
17. Can I choose my Nurse Practitioner?
Absolutely yes. Our goal is to have a diverse group of Nurse Practitioners to offer the best fit for our clients. You can review each Nurse Practitioners' bio before you book.
18. When and how will I be charged on Beyond ADHD?
You will be charged when you book your appointment and will receive a detailed invoice upon completion of booking.
19. What is Beyond ADHD's cancellation and rescheduling policy? What if I don't show?
If you cancel before 24 hours, Beyond ADHD will refund your entire payment.
We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to reschedule your appointment.No-shows will not be refunded.20. What is your refund policy?
We cannot refund any fees after your appointment has been completed.
21. I was not diagnosed as having ADHD. Can I get a refund or second opinion?
Beyond ADHD cannot refund your fee after an appointment has been completed to maintain the independence and integrity of thier ADHD Assessment and Diagnosis.
We are unable to offer 2nd opinions on Beyond ADHD as all our practitioners follow the same clinical practice guidelines.22. Can I transfer my Beyond ADHD chart? Is there a fee?
You can request your chart to be transferred to your next provider or a copy for your records for a $50.00 fee.
You must return a Consent to Disclose Personal Information Form before we release your chart.Beyond ADHD will process chart transfers in 10 business days.Your nurse practitioner can provide you with a confirmation of your ADHD diagnosis and a summary of your treatment plan letter at NO COST.23. Is Beyond safe and secure?
Beyond only has Fully Licensed Nurse Practitioners in good standing on its platform.
Your privacy is our top priority, and we use bank-level encryption and store data securely in Canada.We use Cliniko for our telemedicine platform and Hush Mail to email our patients. Both are industry leaders in secure, compliant telemedicine and email between providers and patients in Canada.24. How does Beyond take payment?
Stripe processes all payments collected by Beyond ADHD. One of the most trusted online payment platforms.
Should you have any issues with your payment or refund, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will work with you to resolve the issue.


ADHD ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENTMust be located in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, PEI, or SaskatchewanStep 1 Comprehensive First Appointment
After booking, receive a detailed intake form which allows your practitioner to learn more about you or your child's medical history and assess for ADHD and other medical and mental health conditions.
At your appointment, your nurse practitioner will expand on your responses and explore how your symptoms impact your sense of self, education, workplace, family and friends.Patients without a previous diagnosis will be provided additional standardized questionnaires to be completed by themselves, their partner's, childhood friends, teachers and parents.Beyond ADHD uses the following toolkits to assist with the diagnosis of ADHD:
• ASRS Part A and B (Adult ADHD Self-Report Rating Scale)
• DIVA 5.0
• WFIRS (Weiss Functional Impairment Rating Scale)
• PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire)
• GAD-7 (General Anxiety Disorder)
• SNAP-IV 26
• Screen for Child Anxiety Related Disorders (SCARED)
Step 2 Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
Your nurse practitioner will review all the questionnaires at this appointment, provide a diagnosis, and suggest a personalized treatment plan.
Beyond ADHD uses an evidence-based multimodal approach to treatment, including medication, academic or workplace accommodations.Step 3 Ongoing Treatment
If medication is prescribed, patients will be started at a low dose and reassessed at 30-day intervals until their symptoms are well controlled to ensure they are not experiencing intolerable side effects.
After symptoms are stable, follow up every 90 days to monitor and adjust the treatment plan.All prescription refills require a follow-up appointment.The Beyond ADHD team is available to patients by email or messaging seven days a week.

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