Online ADHD assessment, diagnosis, and treatment by a licensed Nurse Practitioner for children and adults.Video or phone consultations on your smartphone or computer, all from the convenience of your home.Beyond ADHD uses an evidence-based multimodal approach to treatment, including medication, counselling, and coaching.Beyond ADHD is currently only available to residents of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, CanadaPlease read our FAQs before booking your first appointment. Assessment and Treatment
$179.00 First Appointment Video
$79.00 Follow-Up Video or Phone
Counselling and Coaching
$149.00 60 Minute Session
$79.00 30 Minute Session
*Reimbursed by some Health Spending Accounts. Please confirm with your plan administrator>> Learn More

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
Rest of Canada 2023


Under the clinical and academic leadership of Dr. Wanda Rasmussen, DNP, patients can now access ADHD assessment, diagnosis and treatment with an experienced mental health Nurse Practitioner from the convenience of their phone or computer.
Follow up with the same practitioner to monitor and adjust your personalized treatment plan.Beyond ADHD Nurse Practitioners use an evidence-based multimodal approach to treatment, including medication, counselling, and coaching.COUNSELLING AND COACHING
Renelle Girouard is a bilingual Licensed Counselling Therapist and an ADHD Certified Clinical Service Provider with over ten years of experience in personal counselling, learning strategies, career development, standardized testing, and academic advising.
Diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 32, Renelle made it her life mission to help others who may be going through similar challenges.Photos and bios of our team are available on our booking page.>> Learn More

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Child and Youth ADHD Assessment

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Is Beyond ADHD available across Canada?
Currently, Beyond ADHD is only available to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia residents. However, we plan on expanding to the rest of Canada in 2023.
I only need my ADHD medication refilled. Can Beyond ADHD help me?
We cannot refill existing ADHD medications if you still have a provider. However, for patients who have lost their provider, we can help.
Do I still need to book a "First Appointment" if I already have an ADHD Assessment and/or am taking medications for ADHD?
Yes, all NEW patients to Beyond ADHD will need to book a First Appointment to allow your Nurse Practioner to learn about you and your ADHD and develop a personalized treatment plan.
*Does not apply if your Beyond ADHD Nurse Practitioner has previously assessed and is treating your ADHDHow many appointments do I need before I can get a diagnosis and start treatment?
Each ADHD patient's assessment and treatment journey is unique. Patients with existing testing, diagnosis, or ongoing treatment may only require the First Appointment.
However, most patients will require two to three appointments to get a diagnosis and start treatment.How often do I need to follow up?
Beyond ADHD offers a personalized treatment program, including follow-ups.
After a new diagnosis, a change in medication or uncontrolled symptoms, most patients will need a follow-up within 30 days, monthly until symptoms are significantly improved, and every 3 months once stabilized.What is the maximum length of a prescription?
After a new diagnosis, a change in medication or uncontrolled symptoms, the maximum duration of a prescription is 30 days.
Once symptoms have significantly improved, the maximum duration of a prescription is 90 days.I already have a doctor. Can I still use Beyond ADHD to get an assessment and treatment?
You can access Beyond ADHD to get an assessment, diagnosis and treatment for your ADHD.
With your permission, we can send updates to your doctor about your assessment, treatment, and progress.Do you treat anxiety and/or depression?
Yes, we do.
ADHD often mimics anxiety and vice versa, and some patients experience both. Beyond can assess and treat con-current mood disorders as indicated.Do I have to pay? Does New Brunswick Medicare or Nova Scotia MSI cover the fee?
Beyond's ADHD Nurse Practitioner Clinic and Licensed Counselling Therapy and Coaching is not insured by Medicare or MSI and can be accessed for a FEE.
How much does it cost?
Assessment and Treatment
$179.00 First Appointment Video
$79.00 Follow-Up Video or Phone
Counselling and Coaching
$149.00 60 Minute Session
$79.00 30 Minute Session
Is Beyond ADHD covered by insurance?
Please inquire with your plan administrator as some health spending accounts reimburse care by Nurse Practitioners and Licensed Counselling Therapists.
You will receive a detailed receipt from Beyond ADHD.For sample invoices that you can submit to your plan administrator CLICK HEREWhat is ADHD Coaching?
ADHD coaches work collaboratively with their clients who have ADHD or ADHD-like symptoms to address specific needs and personal goals.
Do I need a Diagnosis to access Counselling/Coaching?
No. Sometimes clients need someone to talk to about how to navigate the diagnosis process or they may seek help to better understand and support a loved one with ADHD. A coach helps people with ADHD carry out the practical activities of daily life in an organized, goal-oriented and timely fashion.
Coaches help individuals with ADHD learn how the symptoms of ADHD play out in their daily lives.What is the difference between ADHD Coaching and Counselling?
Counselling would be to support the client in their emotional journey of discovering, accepting and embracing their ADHD. Coaching would be to help the client set goals and brainstorm strategies for tasks that they may find challenging due to their ADHD. Often, we need both.
Can my child access Counselling/Coaching?
Counselling and Coaching are reserved for clients >18 years old. However, parents can access the service to talk about strategies/support for their children.
If I don't have ADHD, but my partner does, am I able to access Counselling/Coaching to get support as well?
Yes. We support partners, parents, teachers and workplace managers.
Do you provide accommodation letters for the workplace or school?
Yes, we can provide you with a personalized set of accommodations for your workplace or school.
Can I choose my Nurse Practitioner?
Absolutely yes. Our goal is to have a diverse group of Nurse Practitioners to offer the best fit for our clients. You can review each Nurse Practitioners' bio before you book.
Can I book appointments for my children?
Yes, you certainly can.
For assessment and treatment appointments your child may need to attend the appointment.Counselling/Coaching appointments only need the parent or guardian present.When and how will I be charged? What is the cancellation policy? What if I don't show?
You will be charged before your visit. If you cancel before 24 hours, Beyond ADHD will refund your entire payment. No-shows will not be refunded.
Can I transfer my Beyond ADHD chart? Is there a fee?
You can request your chart to be transferred to your next provider or a copy for your records for NO FEE. Beyond ADHD will process chart transfers in 3 business days.
Is Beyond safe and secure?
Beyond has Nurse Practitioners licensed in New Brunswick in good standing on its platform.
Your privacy is our top priority, and we use bank-level encryption and store data securely in Canada.We use Cliniko for our telemedicine platform and Hush Mail to email our patients. Both are industry leaders in secure, compliant telemedicine and email between providers and patients in Canada.How is payment taken by Beyond
Stripe processes all payments collected by Beyond ADHD. One of the most trusted online payment platforms.
Should you have any issues with your payment or refund, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will work with you to resolve the issue.>> Learn More

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